Anvaya Cove

The recognition says it all. 

Anvaya Cove may be one of the new kids on the block but being named the “Best New Course in Asia” at the 2014 Asian Golf Awards and later on in 2019 being acknowledged as the “Best Course in the Philippines” are honors the club wears with distinction.

There’s a lot to be experienced on this golf course. You will certainly get the feel that playing Anvaya will be more than a game of golf – it will also turn out to be a commune with nature. There has been no wanton earth moving here, there has been no radical tearing down of mountains and slopes. Cut and fill has definitely been kept at a minimum.

Instead, there is this commendable effort to look for the best spots on the property to shape a hole into existence, working with the land and vegetation rather than imposing one’s will on it.

The proof is in the product. There is no better indication of this design advocacy than the fact that there have been no compromises in the distances that need to be traveled from the green last played to the next tee. In some holes it may seem like you’re taking a long detour, but just enjoy the ride. The experience of driving through centuries-old trees and untouched vegetation should make up for everything.

The Front nine winds its way through the mountains and is appropriately named the Mountain Nine while the Back nine dips towards the West Philippine Sea. Each of the holes have been assigned appropriate monikers which you will surely find amusing or frustrating depending on how well you are playing at the moment.

The Ninth is a classic risk-reward Par 5 that could be the culmination or abomination of your front nine and the Tenth and Eleventh will bring you right down to the beach. Just like that and you’re now on the Seaside Nine.

The loop back to the clubhouse brings you to the signature Twelfth hole. The hole plays towards the sea and so it is going to have a fantastic view of the West Philippine Sea when the time and conditions are right. But don’t let the view completely distract you as this short Par 4 could also bite back if you take it for granted and the wind picks up.

The next hole is a par 3 that could evoke comparisons with the “Postage Stamp” hole at Royal Troon in the West Coast of is but a final trudge up to a well-appointed Scotland. Unless you have it in you and your clubhouse that will feature the normal are completely sure of yourself it would be clubhouse amenities brought to you the best to refrain from attacking this hole that famed Ayala way. Sitting in the veranda looks so benign from the tee. Once again, and imbibing the lush surroundings the winds can turn a slight miss into a huge be quite the appropriate time to ponder mistakes at the blink of an eye.

When you finish the Par 4 Eighteenth it is but a final  trudge up to a well-appointed clubhouse that will feature the normal clubhouse amenities brought to you the famed Ayala way. Sitting in the veranda and imbibing  the lush surroundings will be quite the appropriate time to ponder on a golf course that is like no other in Philippine golf. 

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