Del Monte Golf & Country Club

Any golf course that has produced two of the country’s greatest golfers deserves a place on this list, but Del Monte as a golf course and destination can surely make it on its own.

Del Monte is located amidst a pineapple plantation on the Bukidnon plateau, an hour or so from Cagayan de Oro City which boasts of a cool, temperate climate so suited for the game of golf.

Home to many times Philippine Open winner Celestino Tugot and multi-titled champion Frankie Minoza , the first 9-holes of Del Monte was built in 1928 and this makes the course one of the first in the country. The course became the playground of the company executives and a certain Mr. Warne gained ignominy by dumping 36 balls into the lake of the Par 3 Sixteenth hole.

Del Monte was obviously built in the classical mold and the towering trees are a testament that the course has aged gracefully. The fairways are wide open but the routes to the greens are littered with bunkers.

Staying out of the bunkers might be easily pulled off with accurate tee shots but hitting the green won’t be as simple as just getting it on. The greens are huge and the key to the whole thing is getting your ball as close as you can to the pin to cut down your chances for a 3-putt.

Del Monte used to be owned by one of the world’s biggest companies. Ownership has changed hands a couple of times in recent years but hopefully the course will continue to be maintained in its pristine condition.

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